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what are essential oils?

Some people liken essential oils to the lifeblood of a plant. When a plant is injured, essential matter in the plant heads to the site of the injury and tries to regenerate the plant. As the plant is growing essential matter continuously rebuilds and replenishes the plant and the roots, ensuring healthy growth and delivering adequate nutrition. When cut, the plant leaks this essential matter from the cut until mending can occur. Sounds like blood in a human body doesn't it!

So they are the most powerful part of the plant and are distilled from all parts of the plant, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, resin, seed, bushes, fruit, rinds, resins and herbs. Essential oils consist of over 100 natural, organic compounds.

They are tiny, oh so tiny - smaller then a virus! They are measured in a system called Daltons and are volatile, which means the scent rises quickly in the air.

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