Making A Roller

To make a roller you need your roller bottle, essential oils and a carrier oil.

There are lots of different carrier oils you can use in your roller blends. Some have different benefits than others, so it is worth looking into if you have something specific you want. Just message us if you have any questions.

Sweet Almond Oil is suitable for all skin types and Coconut Oil is a great all rounder. They are available from most whole food stores or on the internet and are probably the ones you will use the most. Young Living do a range of massage oils and their basic one is the V-6 oil, so be sure to add it to your next order!

Add about 10/15 drops of essential oil.
Then fill the rest of the 10ml bottle with a carrier oil.
(Sweet Almond, Coconut, Young Livings v-6 oil etc)
Use a tiny funnel if you need it.
Push in the roller top and shake.
Roll on to the desired area.

Here is a little video showing how to make a roller.

When using oils on babies and children it is important that they are diluted.

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