The Purity of Oils

It’s funny how we are happy to put things into our bodies without even giving it a second thought. Preservatives in food, chemicals in drinks, diet pills from the internet and even absorbing chemicals from cleaning products. And we then wonder why our bodies don’t work the way they should!

Even in the world of essential oils, not all oils are as pure as they should be and choosing the finest purest essential oil is an extremely important factor in determining how effective  the aromatherapy blend or treatment will be.

There are 4 things you need to check for when buying oils. Purity, Quality, Price and Storage.

Choose oils that are 100% essential oils. Ones that are not synthetic, dilutions or alterations. Terms such as ‘nature-identical’, ‘fragrance oil’ or ‘perfume oil’ will often have chemical or artificial ingredients added to them. Adjusting the oil in that way, buy adding to it or adjusting it, has the potential to be harmful to the body and also create weak, ineffective result in aromatherapy.

The quality of an essential oil is determined by an number of things, including the plant species, the quality of the soil, the weather conditions and temperature, if they are grown inside or outside and the extraction method. The actual bottle of essential oil will not provide this informations so you need to do some research. A reputable company will monitor the production of their oils from start to finish!

The price of essential oils will vary enormously, depending on how difficult or easy it is to extract the oil from the plant. For example 2 million rose petals are needed to make just 1 ounce of Rose oil, but it only take approximately 30kg of eucalyptus leaves to make 1 litre of Eucalyptus oil, making Rose oil one of the most expensive and Eucalyptus one of the less expensive. If all the different oils are priced the same, then they are probably not pure or of good quality.

Essential oils are precious and expensive, therefor it is vital they are stored correctly to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. When buying oils or making your own blends, make sure they are contained within dark amber or cobalt blue bottles. Avoid aluminium or plastic bottles as the molecular structure of the oil will be affected. Sunlight can have a detrimental effect of the oils, causing them to deteriorate rapidly and lose their therapeutic benefits. Ensure the bottles are tightly sealed. Any prolonged contact with the air will cause essential oils to lose their composition and evaporate. Keep essential oils stored in a cool, dry place. Do not store them in an area where there is an extreme change of temperature, heat will evaporate the oil and cold will cause them to lose their composition.

If you do buy oils from a shop, NEVER buy oils that have dust on the cap or bottle. This is a sign they have been sitting there for sometime!

Most essential oils have a shelf life of at least 2 years, particularly ones that have gone through steam distillation. Make sure you do some research though as there are some exceptions like Tea Tree that normally lasts for 12-18 months and citrus oils like Lemon, Orange, Mandarin, Neroli and Bergamot have the shortest shelf life of around 9-12 months.

Carrier oils should be carefully bought too as they will go rancid very quickly if not stored properly. Most carrier oils have a shelf life of up to 2 years, but borage and flaxseed oil are only 6 months. Coconut and jojoba oils last for about 4 years and are often added to other carrier oils to extend the shelf life.

Bearing all this in mind, this is why I   L O V E   Young Living oils. They offer a unique SEED TO SEAL process that insure we receive essential oils exactly the way nature intended! They set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of their oils through a unique SEED TO SEAL process, they apply rigorous quality controls from the time the SEED is sourced until the oil is SEALED in a bottle.

S T E P   1  –  S E E D

Seed Potential
Powerful essential oils come from seeds and plants that are verified for their potential to produce high-quality essential oils.
Expert Evaluation
Their own experts partner with university researchers to evaluate the essential oil potential of their seeds.
Proven Potency
The seeds they use are selected for their ability to become plants with the highest possible levels of bioactive compounds.

S T E P   2  –  C U L T I V A T E

Sustainable Methods
Young Living farms, located around the globe, are dedicated to perfecting their responsible and sustainable growing and harvesting methods.
Superior Quality
Their experts travel the world visiting our co-op farms to verify that their growing and cultivating processes match their high standards.
Rich Supply
These operations provide an ongoing source for essential oils that meet Young Living’s demanding quality standards.

S T E P   3  –  D I S T I L L
Innovative Approaches
Combining ancient and modern techniques, Young Living is recognized as an innovator in essential oil distillation.
Proprietary Techniques
They use a gentle, proprietary technique for steam extracting essential oils and preserving their precious constituents.
Diverse Methods
They use cold pressing and resin tapping methods for select oils.

S T E P   4  –  T E S T
Unwavering Standards
Young Living never accepts diluted, cut, or adulterated oils.
Sound Methods
To guarantee consistent, verifiable quality, their oils are tested in Young Living’s own internal labs, as well as in third-party facilities.
Superior Results
Their testing methods ensure that their oils meet stringent specifications, exceed international standards, and contain the desired levels of natural bioactive compounds.

S T E P   5  –  S E A L
Dedicated Facility
Young Living completes the Seed to Seal process in their 107,000-square-foot facility in Spanish Fork, Utah.
Handling with Care
Using state-of-the-art equipment, each essential oil is carefully bottled and labeled.
Single-Source Shipping
Their carefully bottled, painstakingly produced essential oils are shipped to members worldwide.

If you would like more information on their SEED TO SEAL promise, just visit their site!

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