How To Use Your Dewdrop Diffuser

Diffusing essential oils can help greatly with respiratory problems, purifying the air & getting rid of mould, help relax the body and help with sleep, improve concentration, help with weight management, improve with digestive function, relieve headaches and improve hormone balance.

A cold air diffuser is designed to atomize a microfine mist of essential oils into the air, where they remain suspended for several hours. Unlike aroma lamps or candles, a diffuser disperses essential oils without heating or burning, which can make the oil therapeutically less beneficial and even create toxic compounds.

The dewdrop diffuser is simple and easy to use.

Young Living’s Dewdrop diffuser functions as a humidifier, atomiser and aroma diffuser in one simple to use product.

Inside the box is a diffuser and power supply.

Open the diffuser by take the two cone lids off the grey base.

Pour a little water into the base up to the red marker. This amount of water will diffuse for up to 4 hours.

Add a few drops of essential oils. They need to be 100% pure essential oils, no perfumed oils or diluted oils – only 100% pure essential oils!

You can use either 2 or 3 single oils, like 2 drops of peppermint, 2 drops of lavender and 2 drops of lemon (great for summer!) Or use one Young Living blend oil, like 3 drops of thieves to keep nasty germs away, or a few drops of purification to get rid of nasty smells or if you have a cough then try 4 drops of R.C, which is a great blend that includes 3 different types of eucalyptus.

Replace the small cone, lining up the vent on the lid with the vent on the base.

Then put the larger cone lid back on over the top.

Plug in your power supply.
Make sure you have the diffuser sitting on a solid table or shelf with no table cloth. The air needs to be able to get in under it. I placed ours on a flannel on the floor for a couple of nights thinking that the flannel will make it quieter. (Its pretty quiet and in the day you won’t hear it, but at night when there is nothing else to distract you, you can hear it.) In the morning, although it had been on for the 4 hours during the night, the water inside hadn't gone down, so it hadn’t been working properly. So remember to keep it on a solid uncovered surface!

Press the button to turn it on!
It will light up blue which is good for children as its like a night light.

You will soon see the oils shooting out the top like a mist! How many drops of essential oils you put in the water affects on how strong the smell is. I don’t like it too strong, especially at night, so I only put in 2/3 of drops in total, usually 2 lavender and 1 cedarwood.

If you press the button again, then the diffuser stays on but the light turns off.
You can turn it on and off as much as you like, as you may only want it on for half an hour at a time. It will automatically turn off after 4 hours of use, so is great at night as you can leave it when you sleep.
Press the button again to turn it off.

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