Martin Hogan

Hi, I am an ordinary celtic guy married to a wonderful girl, Lorna, who is still my best friend after 45 years of marriage. We have five wonderful children, all married, and at the last count, 10 adorable grandchildren.

In 2010 I retired after spending most of my working life as a Christian minister. I firmly believe that we should spend more time looking to the needs of the whole being. Fortunately for us God has provided in his wonderful creation, many beautiful, natural substances, organic and mineral, that can benefit our bodies, minds and spirits and help us to live the lives God intended for us. With his help, retirement has given me the opportunity to explore natural remedies and healthy living and has led me to the use of Essential Oils.

Like the founder of Young Living, D. Gary Young, I would love to share in making essential oils available to every household, and transform lives for the better.

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